Adrian Bullock

G’day, Adrian here! I was born in Sydney, Australia and moved north to the Gold Coast at the age of 10. Living along the stunning East Coast of Australia, I grew up loving sport, nature and of course the ocean. In 2008 I was gifted my first DSLR camera by a family member, but my passion didn’t really begin to grow until years later. It was in 2015, at the age of 35 that I started spending more and more time behind the camera experimenting and learning all I could. I have been helped by so many wonderful people along the way to get to where I am today. With life more busy, chaotic and digital then ever, I find being in nature and immersing myself in my surroundings to be very therapeutic and inspiring. Australia is full of so many stunning natural landscapes that not many people will every experience and being able to capture those rare moments is gratifying. I am so passionate about capturing unique and intriguing moments and my photography allows me to combine this with my love for nature and exploring new places. Follow my future adventures on my social accounts.

Brodie Clark

My name is Brodie Clark. My passion is surf photography. Last year, four days after I turned 16, I was diagnosed with a very rare type of brain tumour called craniopharyngioma.  It was located on my pituitary and was preventing me from growing and developing. I underwent brain surgery, followed by six weeks of daily radiation to control the tumour. It was the worst time of my life. I had no idea what the future would look like for me and I was very low. What made it even worse was that during this time I was unable to go in the surf. As soon as I was given the all clear to return to the water, I headed straight to Kirra with my family, my board and my camera. This photo was taken on that day, I like to think the love heart was sent to me as sign that my future would be bright after all.

Chris Pitts

Chris picked up his first film camera whilst in high school, and its sparked a keen interest for photography ever since. With the advancements of digital media and the methods in which an image can be captured he continues to further adapt and develop his skills as a photographer.

Cristian Prieto

My name is Cristian Prieto, I’m 28 years old from Madrid, Spain. I have been living in Australia for the last five years and my love for photography has given me the opportunity to see the world in a way that I could never have imagined. It has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people along the way and visit the most fascinating spots around the world.

Hayden McLean

Hi my name is Hayden, I grew up exploring and hiking from a young age. After struggling with poor mental health, photography provided me with an opportunity to express myself and promote what I’m truly passionate about, nature. A mate introduced me to social media, which gave me the chance to connect with like-minded people and an audience that appreciated my photography. Although accessing some remote locations can be challenging, I love showing people the beauty that is hidden in their backyard. The beauty of nature is forever changing, even those well known spots can surprise you with their beauty because they are never the same. I always encourage people to get outdoors because I know first hand the mental and physical health benefits of exploring.

Hayley Williamson

Born & bred on the GC, Hayley has spent the last 12 years chasing that perfect light whilst living & breathing photography. Her resume consists of lifestyle, travel & commercial photography, but telling people’s stories in their truest self is what fuels Hayley’s passion.
She aims to use her camera to make you always feel seen & honoured for you just as you are.

Jack Fleming

Jack Fleming is a photographer from the UK who makes alternative sports photography, taking more of a documentary approach to the world of sport by working with fans and grass-root athletes. In recent years Jack has tackled ideas surrounding masculine culture within sport and social occasions by looking at the detrimental effects it can have. Whilst Jack’s work can be seen as having playful elements, it also has a sensitive dimension enabled by moments of vulnerability and loss.

Kirra Smith

Kirra Smith is a local lifestyle photographer passionate about capturing real moments and telling stories from behind the lens.

Kit Wise

From high school where I fell in love with the heady fumes of the darkroom, watching for hours as those black and white prints danced and shimmered in the dim red light, to the new tech of uni where I achieved a Bachelor of Photojournalism at Griffith. Then spending 12 glorious, hard and challenging years at News Limited as a News photographer at the Gold Coast Bulletin… I have finally found my happy place… in my shed! These days I love creating and capturing for my clients in my studio, whether it be a new fashion range or a couple of crazy kids I love that every day is different and comes with new challenges.

Larisa Cevallos Oganova

Larisa is an Ocean Photographer based on the Gold Coast passionate about Ocean Conservation. With more than 15 years of experience in Marketing, Larisa blends her experience of Marketing with her passion for photography to help individuals and businesses to strengthening their Brands and becoming better agents of change in their communities.

Levi Caleb Allen

I’m Levi Caleb Allan. Full-time creator, I froth doing life with Jesus, have an absurd collection of cameras, live in a van and shoot weddings all over Aus + Nz.

Luke Marsden

LUKE Marsden is an award-winning photographer based on the Gold Coast. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, Luke’s career highlights include accompanying Prime Minister Julia Gillard on a trade trip to China, underwater shoots on the Great Barrier Reef and Aussie athlete portraits for the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. He’s won a bunch of awards including News Limited Australia’s Photographer of the Year (2014). Luke now runs his own business, offering both commercial and editorial photography. Portraits continue to be Luke’s area of special interest. For more info visit Luke’s website.

Melissa Findley

Melissa Findley is an Australian photographer who currently resides on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Melissa’s extensive scope of work includes Travel, Adventure, Portraits, Landscape, Lifestyle and Charity. Working with brands such as The Intrepid Foundation, Canon Australia and a number of different tourism boards across the globe, Melissa has spent the past few years relentlessly chasing her dreams, wherever they take her. Melissa’s ventures in charity and raising awareness include donating funds from photographic prints and zines to both Cambodian and Nepalese charities, volunteering in Uganda with OrphFund and supporting organisations protecting Orangutans and Elephants in Borneo and Laos respectively. This is only a glimpse of Melissa’s charitable contribution. Inspired by the powerful beauty and wonder of the natural world, Melissa’s tells very intimate stories of the places she travels to and the people who make each place uniquely their own. Through her lens, her dedicated followers become her travel companions and are immersed in a sensory experience of culture, beauty and emotion. With an abundance of real world experience, Melissa’s work has taken her across the globe from Australia to Nepal, Africa, Samoa and everywhere in between.

Micah Copeland

Micah picked up his first camera a few short years ago, and since then has carved a name for himself in the local scene with his heartfelt portraiture, technical creative streak and penchant for sunrise infused ocean-porn.  If he’s not wallowing by the beach at sunrise or trolling his cats, you’ll find him at one of Currumbin’s coffee shops, plotting his next visual project.

Nicola Lemmon

I’m a wedding and family photographer living in the trees near the sea on the Gold Coast, Australia. My style is candid, emotional and fun and weddings keep me busy all year round. I love guacamole, a good/bad dad joke and nothing resets my mood quite like a sunrise does.

Paul Harris

Paul Harris is a Queensland based photographer with a career spanning over 25 years. He briefly studied at the Victorian College of the Arts before being offered a cadetship on a suburban newspaper in his home town of Canberra. He then worked his way up to the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, working across the country and overseas for ten years. He left the papers in 2008 to pursue a career in the advertising world. Paul’s forte is in making people and places look heroic. His photographs draw out the inner strength of his subjects, using cinematic framing and lighting. Key background elements are used to support the hero of the image and, although he likes to incorporate technical elements, he doesn’t want them to overshadow the key message of strength. Through experimentation, Paul is always looking for new ways to capture portraits that make the viewer stop and consider what brought them to this moment. He hopes that his images portray an inner strength that sometimes even the subject isn’t aware of.

Riley Sneddon

My name is Riley, I am a 20 year old with a love for photography and helping out others. At 16 I lost my sister to suicide, at such a young age I was completely lost. With the help of those around me I was able to gain a more positive outlook on life & decided to create change. Using my love for taking photos I am able to express my life through my artworks, alternatively my way of speaking up & creating stories that others can reflect on.

Sean Scott

Sean Scott is a world leading landscape photographer, his gallery is based in the beachside township of Burleigh Heads and offers an array of artwork from big to small. Wether its the beautiful blues of our pristine coastline or the serenity of the Gold Coast hinterland you have fallen in love with. Seans eclectic range of images allows you to take home a slice of the Gold Coast with a signature Sean Scott print.

Taya Mitchell

My name is Taya Mitchell and I’m 14 years old. I’m from the Gold Coast and currently attend Southport State high school, where I am enrolled in a media excellence program. In media excellence we learn how to create films and use photography methods. While this is my first ever exhibition, I’m extremely passionate about photography and digital media . I love being creative with my art and expressing myself through the lens. The thing I especially love about photography is that any picture you take can have a different meaning to any person that views it.   “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

Trent Mitchell

Trent Mitchell is an Australian photographer who explores the value of connection to the living world through the dynamic intersection of nature, people and places. Trent balances personal work and commissions with a unique authenticity and intuition. He reveals unrepeatable moments from life that speak a sense of timelessness. It’s Trent’s unwavering curiosity, contemporary eye and sensitivity towards his subject that keeps the viewer wanting more. His personal work has garnered multiple accolades over his photographic career, including the coveted Moran Contemporary Photographic Prize, an International Photography Award and a Nikon Australian Surf Photo of the Year. A selection of his works have been exhibited in solo and group shows internationally and acquired into the Australian Parliament House Art Collection. Trent has also self-published two award winning, limited edition photo books. Fuelled by design thinking and a nature to question, Trent’s future involves pushing contemporary photography into undiscovered places.

Troy Archer

Troy Archer focuses primarily on products, brand storytelling and is almost always done in the studio. He keeps his photographs simple, almost graphic design like, keeping the subject the hero.