Beacon Of Hope

Melissa Findley

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For the days when getting out of bed was impossible. For the friends who came over uninvited and pulled you out.
For the times you lay on the shower floor crying silently in a ball. For the times you picked yourself up off that very ground.

For your darkest days, when the weight of the world had broken you.
For the times the beauty of the world made your chest swell and feel like it could literally burst.

For the people who tore your heart out and left you alone. For the people who showed up and put the pieces back together with you.
For the times you lied, how you forced your jaw to smile. For the smiles that produced uncontrollable tears of happiness to fall from your eyes.

For the strength you somehow found.
Hold on; you can make it through the storm.

// A starry night at the oldest surviving lighthouse on mainland Australia. Built in 1848, the Cape Otway lighthouse known as the “Beacon of Hope;” a reminder to all that there is always light.
Melissa Findley.

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