Chris Pitts

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In today’s fast-paced, device-driven culture we are constantly inundated with information.

The Internet has enabled new modes of social interaction that the evolution of our primate brains did not equip us to handle.

We find ourselves armed with all the right information at the touch of our fingertips, yet can’t figure out how to make all the right decisions
Despite the fact that we are supposed to be more connected than ever before, many people are finding themselves disconnected and unable to keep up with the pervasive world we live in.

Personally when I feel myself overwhelmed I take measures to distance myself from the “matrix”. Generally anything to do with nature and not another person in view as far as the eye can see can quickly remedy my fears and emotions.

When we to spend time alone, solitude can provide an opportunity for self-reflection, creative expression, & spiritual renewal.

Many of us have little practice learning to manage our time alone productively.

We need to build our cultural understanding that we don’t have to be social all the time.

I chose this image to submit as it really resonates with me. It was taken on a recent camping trip at Fraser Island with a group of mates, the sun was setting as a lone dingo walked along the crest of large sand dune, casting its shadow over the other side into the darkness. It signified that even though things may appear bright from one side, there is often a dark shadow following behind that we don’t choose to show or talk about.

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