Swimming with Gentle Giants

Nicola Lemmon

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A photo of a humpback calf swimming alongside mum, swimming alongside me.

Before my trip to Tonga it had been a long time since I cried. After a heart shattering break up nothing made me feel emotional enough to cry anymore. The last time I cried was to my younger sister who simply said “Dude don’t. Stop crying about him” and then we went and watched the sunset together. That moment made me feel better than crying. My family and friends made my darkness beautiful and I decided I’d get through the heartache by focusing on the things that made me happy. That was the last time I had cried (which was a lot for me because I cry happy tears all the time). Six months passed and no tears had been shed until I joined the humpbacks in the Tongan waters. They broke me. I cried. I cried into my snorkel. I cried on the boat. I cried texting my mum about it. I cried sorting through the photos i had taken of them. The tears you are supposed to cry – pure, happy, welcoming tears. I have attempted numerous times to put this experience into words and I can’t. Their grace, beauty and size made me feel again, they reconnected me and made me feel so human. It was a beautiful thing. Swimming with these gentle giants saved me.

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